In winter, the biker needs more protection than ever before. To do this, he must obtain equipment designed with materials that can guarantee him both the necessary comfort and security against bad weather. As a result, manufacturers of motorcycle equipment compete ingenuously to offer more advantageous solutions than others. Leading brands such as Alpinestars or Dainese have set their sights on the Gore-Tex technology they use to produce waterproof, windproof, and breathable motorcycle gear and gear. Discover in this article why Gore-Tex is your ally of choice for unparalleled protection against rain and wind to ride a motorcycle in winter.

What is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex refers to a microporous laminated membrane containing nearly 1.4 billion pores per cm². This particularly thin layer is made from expanded polytetrafluoroethylene for unique properties. Specific emphasis is given to the structure of the mesh in the design of this material. This one is indeed woven to let the sweat easily and hardly the drops of rain.

It is a material specially designed to withstand the challenges of time. In general, products based on this material are 100% windproof. They provide excellent protection against chills. To meet the varied needs of users, the Gore-Tex comes in different versions.

What are the advantages of motorcycle equipment in Gore-Tex?

As a material used in the manufacture of a large number of biker equipment, Gore-Tex has many advantages.

100% waterproof motorcycle equipment

Among its strengths, we can mention its impermeability with a water column greater than 28 000 millimeters. The fabric made from this material allows you to stay dry in a comfortable way. The motorcycle equipment Gore-Tex is perfect for enjoying the best of your motorcycle routes during the winter since the material is durably waterproof. The Gore-Tex stands out for its ability to withstand extreme conditions of use longer. It can withstand over time the water pressure to which you can be subjected in case of severe weather, for example.

Windproof motorcycle jackets and pants

It is a membrane also known to be  100% windproof.

Thanks to this characteristic, this material preserves your microclimate. You benefit from a better comfort. Users of Gore-Tex apparel and other accessories do not feel the cooling due to the cold air blowing through them. And that’s where we can talk about well-being and comfort with products made from this unique material.

Breathable material for a dry ride

The Gore-Tex seduces by its breathability by avoiding any accumulation of moisture or overheating. The material is designed so that perspiration is easily evacuated.

No more discomfort as your skin is kept dry even when intense physical effort is made, and you ride in the rain.

Gore-Tex and motorcycle equipment brands

Many brands use Gore-Tex in the design of their winter motorcycle gear. From gloves to trousers to jackets, jackets, motorcycle rain suits and boots, you can, if you wish, be protected from head to toe thanks to this material. As you can see, there is a wide range of Gore-Tex products available from reputable brands in the motorcycle manufacturing industry. Whatever your needs, you will not have a hard time finding Gore-Tex motorcycle gear that’s right for you.

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