More than just black circles, tires are advanced technology concentrates. They adapt to the different characteristics of motorcycles and roads. Choosing the right tires guarantees optimum performance, including stability, handling, feedback, comfort, and durability.

Six categories of motorcycle tires can be distinguished :


Undoubtedly the most common category of motorcycle tires. It groups tire for any displacement that drives on the road, every day.

Motorcycles equipped with them are mostly roadsters, GTs, and road trails.

The profiles of these tires are generally quite grooved to apprehend the roughness of the road and evacuate the water in case of rain. The strengths of these tires are their longevity and handling. Increasingly, manufacturers are working with a winter-resistant, ultra-draining rubber for all-weather driving.


This category will interest bikers in search of sensations, supporters of strolls on weekends. They equip supersport bikes and roadsters for the most part.

Hypersport motorcycle tires are less grooved than sport-touring tires, and their rubber is more flexible. The tire is comfortable in curves while being stable at high speed.


To go on the circuit, it is necessary to be equipped with tires “slicks”; they are tires whose tread surface is not carved.

The rubber of the slick tires are developed to be ultra-efficient on the track: curved, stability at very high speed and braking. These tires need to be heated for optimal use. The same profile generally comes in several versions of gum: soft, intermediate, hard. There is also often a grooved version of these tires, to wear only in case of rain on the circuit.

For those who go on a motorcycle circuit, there are road homologated tires, whose tread is slightly sculpted.


As their name suggests, these motorcycle tires are suitable for trail bikes. They are mixed, that is to say, they support, to varying degrees depending on the profiles, off-road trails.

The higher the tread design, the better the tire is for the roads. More or less adventurous bikers will opt for this type of multi-purpose tire.

All Terrain

They are made to roll in sand, mud, stony ground … They are easy to recognize thanks to their crampons. For the competition, the profiles are available according to the hardness of the ground: soft, medium, hard.

These tires are suitable for enduro, cross, and trial bikes. Enduro tires are road homologated. This is not the case for cross and trial tires.

Custom and classic

If you have a Harley Davidson, you will want custom tires. They are aesthetically suitable for this type of motorcycle and support their weight.

For old motorcycles, manufacturers continue to produce old profiles; or rather reissue them with a modern manufacturing process. This allows enthusiasts to keep a vintage harmony on the entire bike.

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