The good motocross bike will offer the first sensations to a passionate motorcycle beginner. To be certain to choose your off-road bike to start in a cross, a set of criteria must be studied beforehand. The number of cylinders of the vehicle or the operation of its engine is among the elements to be taken into account. That’s why we give you some tips to make the purchase of your motocross to get started.

A two-stroke or four-stroke engine?

This choice refers to the engine design and the sensations it will offer. To work, it is essential that the air and fuel mixture takes place. The engine cycle will go through four stages, namely admission, compression, explosion, and exhaust. 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines do not work the same way. The cycle is different for each of them since the 2-cycle model will make a single cycle while the 4-stroke will need to be repeated twice consecutively to operate the engine.

The 2-stroke engine is brighter and more nervous and often much more agile. It also offers more simplicity in mechanics, perfect for beginners. In addition, the motocross 2T is generally cheaper than 4-stroke models. We find a lot on the second-hand market — a good point when you start the cross.

The lack of experience in the off-road can lead novices to opt for a four-stroke because its more powerful engine will go up the coast without a problem. It will, however, be necessary to anticipate the force of the apparatus before making this choice.

Which engine to choose?

The displacement must be chosen according to its size. It is essential that the driver uses a model he is able to pick up and handle. The small templates will turn to 125 cm 3, which will allow them to avoid the flag behind a model with too much power. The big cars are reserved for people with a larger size in order to take the weight of the bike.

Be aware that from 16 years, all displacements can be used on a cross circuit.

A used or new motocross?

The budget is obviously a criterion of choice at the time of the purchase of his motocross. A rider who simply wants to learn this discipline can start with an opportunity before investing in a new one. Remember, however, to look at the general condition of the motorcycle and check the engine, the condition of the kit chain, bearings, etc.

 A vehicle that has been poorly maintained in the past could be much more expensive than it originally appeared.

Those who are confirmed or on a larger budget will be able to turn to a new model that will better meet their engine requirements.

The difference between motocross and an enduro

Although the two models are often confused, they nevertheless have important differences.

The motocross is reserved only for use on a cross-field. It is not registered. This type of motorcycle can not go on the road and must be transported by trailer or truck. On the other hand, its tires are more adapted to this sport discipline since they answer only one need.

An enduro bike can be used on any type of road. Equipped with a license plate, headlights, and turn signals, this bike is homologated to ride in traffic conditions. It is, therefore, necessary to hold the motorcycle license in order to use it on the road.

Motocross models to start well

To start well in this discipline, it is essential to choose your mount. We give you some examples of perfect models to start.

Yamaha YZ 125

The Yamaha YZ 125 is a perfect balance between lightness and performance.

This two-stroke motocross allows beginners to feel the first sensation in cross country. With an affordable price, it is the perfect motocross to start.

Kawasaki KX250F

This 250 cm3 Kawasaki is a handy model for a beginner. Ultra-efficient, it is an ideal choice to go up the hill and take the most pleasure in motocross.

To take advantage of these exceptional sensations, however, will require a large budget because it is not accessible to all budgets.

KTM 350 SX-F

The KTM 350 SX-F will bluff bikers who want to start with a motocross both powerful but manageable.

Halfway between the 250 judged often too weak and the 450, which can not be driven by all, this motocross is perfect. Agile and boosted compared to smaller displacements, it is ideal.

Yamaha 250 WRF

This is a reference in motocross because it corresponds to the model chosen by many champions.

To select this quality motorcycle, it will, however, take into account its weight of 117 pounds that is not within reach of small templates. Other beginners will be delighted with this purchase.

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