A motorcycle tire needs to be mounted at a certain temperature before being efficient; ideally and depending on the type of tire, this temperature is between 50 and 100 ° C.

When the tire is cold, it lacks grip; we feel it on the first kilometers. On the contrary, once it reaches its optimum temperature, it is more manageable; we can take more angle, adhesion is felt.

Motorcycle tire warm-up depends on several elements:

  • The type of tire: road, hypersport, track
  • Weather conditions and outdoor temperature
  • Tire pressure and wear

The various temperature setting parameters

The different types of motorcycle tires correspond to the use you have of your motorcycle. Their characteristics are then different to meet the different constraints. This has an influence on the temperature setting. For example, a sport-touring tire is optimized to reach its ideal temperature more quickly, which is often lower than that of a hypersport tire. 

This, to ensure safety from the first kilometers, useful especially when motorcycle trips are daily and short! A hypersport motorcycle tire requires more time to be at the right temperature and deliver the high performance demanded of it, which is superior to that of a sports-touring tire. A motorcycle track tire is still beyond because it is asked to be even more efficient.

The temperature of the air (therefore of the road) also has an influence on the warming up of the tires: the colder it is, the more time it takes for the tire to heat up. In addition, the tire also cools down very quickly. This is also true when it rains.

Tips for practicing on your new motorcycle tires for better performance.

Tire pressure and warm-up

As for the tire pressure, it is essential to respect the recommendations of the motorcycle manufacturer on the road and the tire manufacturer on track, in order to obtain the best results and an optimal temperature setting. 

Indeed, as the tire warms, it is not only the temperature of the rubber that increases but also that of the air inside. So that the temperature is stable and homogeneous, it is necessary to check the pressure of its motorcycle tires regularly. Every 2 to 3 weeks, for example, for road trips.

There is an idea, which still persists in the biker environment: it is not zigzagging at the exit of the garage that warms his commands! The temperature of a motorcycle tire increases as a result of its friction with the road. It is obtained by driving in a straight line and successively performing acceleration and braking, all at a moderate and careful speed, of course.

Special case: on a circuit

On the circuit, the temperature setting of the tires is different. Usually, warming blankets are used, which put the tire at a temperature of about 80 ° C. In “rain” or “wet” tires when it is raining, or the track is wet, the tires should be heated to about 50 ° C. But be careful in these cases, it can be a trap: indeed, we can feel confident from the first lap when the rain has already cooled the tire at the beginning of the 2nd. This is why it is better, especially at the amateur level, not to use warming blankets and get used to the track during the first laps at the same time as the tires. This remark is also valid for slick circuit dry track tires when you are a beginner.

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