Choosing your motorcycle insurance is an act that requires some thought. Mandatory in France, it is still necessary to take the time to select it. The choice is vast, and therefore, it is not always easy to know which motorcycle insurance to choose. We give you some tips to find the best insurance for your bike.

Motorcycle insurance, an obligation

All motorcycles on the road must be insured as soon as they are acquired. If you think of driving to get back, it will be necessary to do the steps upstream so that your insurance starts the day of your purchase. 

This must be ensured even if you do not have the permit, and it stays in a garage. The penalty applied in the event of a default of insurance is a fine of € 3,750, the immobilization of the vehicle, and the suspension of the driving license for a period of up to three years. If you have had an accident, you are obliged to pay the damage, and if the accident has injured you, the bill can climb very quickly. You will understand, it is, therefore, indispensable to be assured!

The first criterion for choosing insurance

Some questions help determine your choice. Ask yourself what use will you make of it, will it be regular or occasional? Reflecting on the expectations you have about compensation is also an important point. 

Then calculate the amount of the contribution you can afford to pay. And finally, evaluate the value of your machine. The value of a motorcycle varies with the make, the model, the date of first entry into circulation, its mileage, and its general condition. You should also look at its Argus rating if you bought it used to assess the amount of compensation you want. Choose the formula you want to subscribe to based on these elements. 

If its value is low, all-risk insurance will not be useful, third-party insurance, and some additional guarantees such as theft, the driver, natural hazards, and fire may be sufficient. In case you bought your new motorbike, take out all-risk insurance without hesitation!

The different types of motorcycle insurance contracts

Third-party insurance

The third-party formula is the minimum and compulsory insurance for all. It ensures the material or bodily injury that has been caused to a third person if you are declared responsible in the event of an accident. In this case, the insurance will not reimburse you for the damage suffered by your motorcycle, nor the medical expenses compared to any injuries that you would have. It does not cover fire, vandalism or theft. However, you can purchase these optional guarantees. The flight warranty is paramount due to a large number of flights of two-wheelers. The same is true for legal protection and the natural disaster guarantee.

All risks insurance

The comprehensive insurance policy is the most comprehensive. This is the one you should choose for a new bike. You are covered for any hazards that may arise, including the damage to your bike, whether you have been found responsible or not. It also guarantees bodily injury. Theft and fire are covered by these contracts. However, we must pay attention to the exclusions that are planned and the amounts of the deductibles.

Choose to have your motorcycle equipment insured?

Your motorcycle equipment is essential for your safety and often expensive; many insurers offer you the opportunity to ensure it too. This clause can be included in your contract to the third party or all risks. You can also add a headset warranty or optional driver equipment. In words, it assures you against theft or deterioration. Generally, your insurance company will ask you to have CE approved equipment. The homologated motorcycle gloves became mandatory for motorcycle and scooter.

Find the best insurance at the best price

To pay for your less expensive insurance, you have the option of choosing to consolidate your insurance policies. If you already have car insurance and home insurance, try getting your motorcycle insurance in the same company. In this case, you will benefit from a significant reduction and can play your bonus.

Ask several companies and compare offers on the same level of guarantee. For this, either you go directly to insurance agents, or is the simplest and fastest solution, you use the services of insurance comparators on the Internet. The principle is for them to interview several companies among the most advantageous according to your profile and to communicate the various offers received. The motorcycle insurance comparator, for example, compares about fifteen different offers according to the criteria indicated.

Young drivers: how to pay less?

Young drivers are penalized by insurance because of their inexperience and the increased risk of accidents compared to experienced motorcycle riders. They wonder what motorcycle insurance to choose to meet a tight budget. Negotiation with your insurer is possible, especially if it ensures you already for other guarantees. Ask before buying your bike, often it is better to start with a second-hand bike slightly less powerful, the time to no longer has the status of a young driver. You can then buy the bike of your dreams without having extra premium to insure it.

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