When it comes time to change your motorcycle tires, the question of choice arises. Some, satisfied with the original ride, will renew it. But even for those, it is possible that the original tire is no longer in production. So, even if you want to change, how do you choose your motorcycle tire?

The dimension

The basis is to choose a motorcycle tire with the original dimensions of the bike. We advise you not to change the width or height of the tire, much less the diameter of the rim. Your bike is homologated for one size; you risk compromising the proper functioning of the motorcycle. In addition, insurance may not cover you in case of a glitch.

The clues

They follow the size of the tire closely; they correspond to a maximum load and speed, to be respected. Even if these clues may seem disproportionate to the use you can make of your bike, it is essential in the same way as the size, to respect them. Of course, you can always choose a larger index than the original one; because it means that the tire is then able to support a load or speed greater than the original ones. For more information, see our article on load and speed index.

Depending on the bike

It is important to choose your motorcycle tires according to the use you make of your motorcycle. Whether you only drive, only the circuit, both, or off-road, it will be necessary to choose the appropriate tires. The different types of tires go hand in hand with the different types of motorcycles.

You will want tires called “sport-touring” if you have a roadster or a road trail, and you make the road and the highway essentially. If you push the ride a little with your sportbike, you will prefer the tires “hyper spot” or “circuit” if you practice it. If you drive on roads with your trail sometimes, choose mixed road / off-road tires.

Those who do off-road only (motocross, enduro, trial) will naturally go to the tires “off-road,” which are very notched. The cruiser, bobber, and retro bikes also have specific tires: the “custom” tires for some, the “classic” tires for the others. Conventional tires use old tread designs, but rest assured, the compound has been updated with today’s technologies.

According to the budget

All brands do not charge the same price, depending on the quality of the materials used to manufacture the tires. Within the same brand, if you buy motorcycle tires online or in stores, there may also be price differences. When a manufacturer renews a tire profile, he may choose to continue producing the old profile, which will then be called a second-line product. 

There may even be third-line tires. The manufacturer guarantees that the front-line tire benefits from the latest technological innovations. The second and third lines are not left out; these are current productions with, if not the latest technology, at least one compound of updated gum. This is often the right plan for the wallet, according to your requirements.

Depending on you!

The last criterion of choice is not the least: it is your feeling with the tires. Because for the same bike, the same size and the same typology of tires, there are differences between brands. This can be the shape of the tire, more or less rounded, which plays on the maneuverability, the ability to dive on the angle, to give feedback to the driver.

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