As with motor vehicles, you can wash your bike yourself in a car wash. There are many establishments that allow you to perform an efficient cleaning of your bike in record time. Although not advisable because of the risks related to the pressure of the water, the cleaning in car wash remains extremely practical. We give you our recommendations so that it runs as smoothly as possible.

The essential equipment to wash your motorcycle well

If you want to wash your bike in a washing center fully, consider bringing the necessary equipment to use in addition to the high-pressure jet, in order to proceed to the complete cleaning of your two-wheelers. To perform this operation in the rules of art, you will need the following equipment:

  • Soft sponge
  • Brush
  • Clean microfiber cloths
  • Motorcycle cleaner spray
  • Degreasing spray for chain
  • Motorcycle wheel cleaner

The different stages of washing a motorcycle in a cleaning center

Washing your motorcycle in a specialized station is an operation that takes place in several stages; the main ones are thus summarized:

  • The pre-wash: In order to rid the body of the first dust and dirt, you can use the upstream high-pressure jet. A distance of at least 50 cm must be respected to avoid damaging the paint on your motorcycle. We advise you to favor, if possible, the jet medium pressure to avoid any risk. At this point, do not insist on areas where water could seep inside the air filter or on the different electrical parts.
  • The washing : (it will be necessary to use different motorcycle cleaning products ) a suitable spray, starting with the tank and the body and down to the mudguards and rims. For these, you will have to use a degreasing product specially designed for the rims. It will suffice to rub the different parts to clean with a soft sponge. The use of the abrasive side is totally prohibited to avoid any scratches on the bodywork. However, a brush on the rims will allow you to remove any recalcitrant traces. Also, prefer cleaning up and down, so you do not have to do a double job.
  • The rinse: Once all perfectly cleaned parts, the bike should be immediately rinsed with clean water through the pressurized jet.
  • The drying: It can be done manually or by compressed air. This last solution is used to dry the corners of the motor parts and cycles effectively. As for hand drying, it is done gently with a microfiber cloth on the body, rims, etc..

The interest of washing your motorcycle in a car wash

Washing your motorcycle in a car wash of your choice is advantageous for several reasons. It is an option that seduces by its speed. 

This is why this solution is recommended for bikers who do not have the time to carry out a complete cleaning of their bikes. In addition, washing center cleaning is convenient for bikers who do not have a garage or space for washing their motorcycle.

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